Hosted Enterprise Search: Streamline Information Discovery in the Cloud

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Hosted Enterprise Search: Streamline Information Discovery in the Cloud

In the cloud-centric business landscape, hosted enterprise search offers a powerful solution for overcoming scattered information and empowering employees. Let’s dive into what it is, the benefits, and why Swirl Search is a leader.

What is Hosted Enterprise Search?

  • This model puts search infrastructure management in the hands of a specialized provider, usually on a cloud platform.
  • This translates to less setup hassle, continuous updates, and strong security – aspects your in-house team would otherwise handle.

Critical Advantages of Hosted Enterprise Search

  • Rapid Deployment: Get your search solution up and running quickly.
  • Cost Control: Flexible cloud pricing prevents overspending on hardware and maintenance.
  • IT Focus: Your team can stay focused on your primary business objectives.
  • Powerful Features: Benefit from AI-powered capabilities for intuitive, accurate search experiences.

Swirl Search: AI-Driven Search Optimized for the Cloud

  • Swirl Search excels as a private cloud enterprise search platform, especially on Microsoft Azure.
  • Smarter Search: Natural language processing (NLP) simplifies finding information.
  • Azure Integration: Works flawlessly within your existing Azure environment.
  • Wide Reach: Indexes various Azure data sources (files, SharePoint, databases, etc.)
  • Security Focus: Prioritizes data protection throughout every stage.

Deploying Swirl Search on Azure

1 Azure Marketplace: Subscribe to Swirl Search through the Azure Marketplace.
2 Setup: Launch and configure your instance.
3 Connect and Index: Securely link your Azure data sources and start indexing.

Expanding Options: AWS and GCP Support on the Horizon

Swirl Search aims to make its advanced hosted search available across multiple major cloud providers. Stay tuned for its arrival on AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

The Takeaway

Hosted enterprise search unlocks productivity gains and quickly finds information across cloud environments. Swirl Search is a top choice for Azure deployment and has a bright future in the broader cloud search landscape.

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