SWIRL AI Connect

Empowering Data and AI: Infrastructure for Complex Demands

AI infrastructure software designed to securely integrate various data sources, including databases, cloud services, and enterprise applications. It enables a direct flow of information for AI-driven insights, eliminating the need for extensive data movement or extraction.

SWIRL AI Connect operates from within your firewall. Making it a secure and reliable solution.

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SWIRL was recognized as a top 100 company by KM World

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100+ Apps

Connect to 100+ enterprise apps and AI providers

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Instant RAG

Get grounded answers with AI faster than existing solutions

SWIRL AI Connect
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AI Infrastructure for Enterprise

What is SWIRL AI Connect ?

SWIRL AI Connect operates without moving data into a vector database or undergoing a complex ETL process. This approach not only ensures security but also speeds up deployment. As an AI software company, SWIRL runs within your private cloud infrastructure or locally inside your company firewall to ensure maximum data security and compliance.

With SWIRL AI Connect, you can understand and utilize your data to unlock AI-driven productivity gains, transforming your business without the complexity and risk of other AI architectures.

AI Infrastructure Software

Solve Your Biggest Challenges with Swirl AI Connect

SWIRL AI Connect transforms how industries are implementing AI and data infrastructure. Our platform is designed to help you solve your biggest challenges and drive innovation. Discover how Swirl's AI infrastructure software can enhance decision-making, optimize operations, and drive innovation across a wide range of industries. Browse our comprehensive collection of articles and resources to get started.

How SWIRL AI Connect Works

With SWIRL AI Connect, you can effortlessly integrate data from any source without extensive IT hassles. Our plug-and-play solution requires minimal IT involvement, allowing you to leverage your existing data resources, whether in-house or external, with ease. SWIRL acts as a central hub, seamlessly connecting to your data sources and providing real-time insights without disrupting your current systems or workflows.

Effortless Data Integration

SWIRL AI Connect acts as a centralized hub, seamlessly integrating data from any source – databases, applications, external APIs, and more.

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Leverage All Your Resources

Whether it's your in-house data repositories or external third-party sources, SWIRL AI Connect enables you to unlock the full potential of your data assets.

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Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

SWIRL AI Connect delivers real-time insights, empowering you to make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information available.

Adaptable AI Infrastructure

SWIRL AI Connects modular AI infrastructure adapts effortlessly, ensuring a future-proof solution that can scale and expand alongside your organization's growth.

Minimize IT Overhead

The plug-and-play architecture and automated data integration capabilities significantly reduces the IT overhead associated with managing and maintaining complex data systems.

Unlock the Power of AI

SWIRL AI Connect amplifies human capabilities,
driving innovation and efficiency across your organization.

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Empowering Data and AI
SWIRL AI Connect for AI Infrastructure.

SWIRL AI Connect is built with the enterprise in mind. We understand that moving your data just for searching and integrating AI is costly and ineffective. SWIRL provides a better solution, federated and unified search experience.

No Copying Data

SWIRL provides access to data with just APIs, instead of moving data which is dangerous and risky. No ETL process involved. Your data stays in the same space.

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SWIRL is available in your private cloud, and with more than fifty applications to fetch data from. More on their way.

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Flexible Security Integration

SWIRL can be quickly configured for custom authentication flows including generic SSO, OAUTH2 and OpenID Connect.

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AI Search

Create one search box to find the best information as determined by your choice of AI. Offer results for human review and adjustment, prior to triggering RAG. SWIRL brings all your enterprise data in an easy, accessible manner.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Deploy RAG against your enterprise environment with ease. SWIRL's cross-silo distribution method, anti-hallucination prompt engineering and authenticating page fetcher instantly generate real-time insights from data platforms, enterprise applications and information services using internal LLMs.

Secure and Personalized

Deliver personalized insights using SWIRL's ability to search on behalf of each user, with all authentication and entitlements handled by your enterprise SSO.

Easy to Deploy

Install and scale SWIRL in your private cloud in minutes.

Incredible Support

Connect with SWIRL on Slack to learn more about how quickly you can unlock internal GAIs with internal data!

Latest insights from the SWIRL Team

Overcoming Generative AI Security and Compliance Hurdles with SWIRL

SWIRL Co-Pilot offers a groundbreaking solution for large, regulated enterprises to overcome generative AI security and compliance hurdles. By keeping data in its original system and simplifying access control, SWIRL enables organizations to harness AI’s power while maintaining data security and regulatory compliance.


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