Empowering Data and AI: Infrastructure for Complex Demands

AI infrastructure software designed to securely integrate various data sources, including databases, cloud services, and enterprise applications. It enables a direct flow of information for AI-driven insights, eliminating the need for extensive data movement or extraction.

SWIRL operates within your firewall, making it a secure and reliable solution.

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100+ Apps

Connect to 100+ enterprise apps and AI providers

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Instant RAG

Get grounded answers with AI faster than existing solutions

SWIRL AI Connect
AI Infrastructure for Enterprise

What is SWIRL?

SWIRL provides innovative AI infrastructure software that dramatically accelerates access to high-quality, relevant data no matter where it is located in the corporate ecosystem.

SWIRL AI Connect integrates seamlessly with your company's existing data systems, eliminating the need for data migration. It quickly links all your information sources, enhancing your ability to leverage AI to understand and use your company data. SWIRL AI Connect boosts productivity and streamlines workflows, all while keeping your data secure within your company's own systems.

SWIRL AI Co-Pilot works with SWIRL AI Connect as your personal AI assistant. It helps you find and summarize information across all your apps, making it easier to access the knowledge you need. SWIRL AI Co-Pilot magnifies the power and usefulness of AI systems, eliminates complexity and risk, saves time, and significantly improves decision-making.

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AI Infrastructure Software

Solve Your Biggest Challenges with Swirl AI Connect

SWIRL AI Connect transforms how industries are implementing AI and data infrastructure. Our platform is designed to help you solve your biggest challenges and drive innovation. Discover how Swirl's AI infrastructure software can enhance decision-making, optimize operations, and drive innovation across a wide range of industries. Browse our comprehensive collection of articles and resources to get started.

How SWIRL AI Connect Works

With SWIRL AI Connect, you can effortlessly integrate data from any source without extensive IT hassles. Our plug-and-play solution requires minimal IT involvement, allowing you to leverage your existing data resources, whether in-house or external, with ease. SWIRL acts as a central hub, seamlessly connecting to your data sources and providing real-time insights without disrupting your current systems or workflows.

Effortless Data Integration

SWIRL AI Connect acts as a centralized hub, seamlessly integrating data from any source – databases, applications, external APIs, and more.

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Leverage All Your Resources

Whether it's your in-house data repositories or external third-party sources, SWIRL AI Connect enables you to unlock the full potential of your data assets.

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Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

SWIRL AI Connect delivers real-time insights, empowering you to make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information available.

Adaptable AI Infrastructure

SWIRL AI Connects modular AI infrastructure adapts effortlessly, ensuring a future-proof solution that can scale and expand alongside your organization's growth.

Minimize IT Overhead

The plug-and-play architecture and automated data integration capabilities significantly reduces the IT overhead associated with managing and maintaining complex data systems.

Empowering Your Business with AI

Discover how SWIRL transforms your enterprise

AI for Business

Making AI Work for Your Business

SWIRL AI Connect securely integrates diverse data sources, enabling direct information flow for AI-driven insights without extensive data movement. Use SWIRL AI Co-Pilot along with SWIRL AI Connect for better productivity and decision-making.

Enterprise AI

Unlock Enterprise AI with SWIRL AI Connect

Instantly access and leverage all your company's data for AI applications without costly IT overhauls. Get real-time insights from across your organization, make smarter, more timely decisions and boost productivity.

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Personalized AI

Using AI to Grow Your Business

Leverage Generative AI to generate timely insights and make better decisions with real-time data. Download our whitepaper, Using AI To Grow Your Business and learn key principles of building and deploying robust, scalable AI systems to improve business outcomes.

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Secure AI

Generative AI Or Maintaining Security? SWIRL Gives You Both

With SWIRL you can ensure security and compliance with features like SSO, Open ID Connect, and full OAuth2 support, while leveraging LLMs and SLMs for efficient, insightful outcomes.

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Experience Effortless Data Integration and AI Deployment

SWIRL is engineered for the enterprise, eliminating the high costs and inefficiencies of traditional data integration. Our federated and unified search solution allows seamless AI integration into your existing workflows without data migration, accelerating insights, reducing costs, and enhancing collaboration. Empower your business with smarter, faster decisions and unparalleled AI in your workplace.

No Data Migration Required

Effortless Data Access: With SWIRL, access your data without the risk and complexity of data migration. No ETL process is involved, ensuring your data stays secure and in place. This means quicker setup times, reduced operational overhead, and minimal disruption to your existing workflows. Keep your data where it is and still leverage powerful AI capabilities to gain insights and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

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Scalable and Flexible: Deploy SWIRL in your private cloud and integrate with over 100+ applications seamlessly. Our platform is designed to grow with your business needs. Whether you need to connect to internal systems or third-party applications, SWIRL’s extensibility ensures you can scale your operations without hassle.

Flexible Security Integration

Robust Security: Configure SWIRL quickly for custom authentication flows, including generic SSO, OAuth2, and OpenID Connect, ensuring your data remains secure and accessible. Our flexible security integration supports your enterprise's unique requirements, providing peace of mind with industry-standard security protocols. Protect sensitive information while maintaining ease of access for authorized users, ensuring compliance and robust data governance.

Intelligent Workplace Assistant

SWIRL Co-Pilot acts as your intelligent assistant, helping you automate repetitive tasks and streamline complex workflows. By leveraging advanced AI capabilities, Co-Pilot can manage schedules, provide data insights, and automate routine processes, freeing up your time to focus on strategic activities and decision-making.

Context-Aware Recommendations

SWIRL Co-Pilot provides context-aware recommendations based on real-time data analysis. Whether you are drafting emails, preparing reports, or analyzing data, Co-Pilot offers insights and suggestions tailored to your specific context, ensuring you make informed and timely decisions that drive business success.

Real-time Collaboration

Integrate SWIRL Co-Pilot seamlessly into your existing enterprise tools and platforms. Co-Pilot works alongside your favorite applications, providing a unified experience that enhances collaboration and productivity. With Co-Pilot, your team can share insights effortlessly and work together towards common goals with increased efficiency.

What SWIRL can do for your business

Faster Decision Making

By providing quick access to relevant information from multiple sources, SWIRL helps managers and executives make more informed decisions faster.

Research and Analysis

For teams, SWIRL improves collaboration and speeds up research by quickly gathering and summarizing relevant information from internal and external sources.

Compliance and Risk Management

SWIRL can help organizations keep track of and access important documents and data needed for regulatory compliance or risk assessments.

Productivity improvement

With faster access to needed information, employees can spend less time searching and more time on valuable tasks, boosting overall productivity. And allowing businesses to make money faster.

Comprehensive Search

SWIRL leaves no stone unturned, searching everything you have access to. This ensures you never miss crucial information, regardless of where it's stored in your organization.

Save Money

SWIRL dramatically cuts costs by eliminating the "data scavenger hunt." New employees quickly find what they need, reducing onboarding time and boosting productivity across the organization.

Supply Chain Management

SWIRL streamlines operations and improves inventory control by providing quick access to supplier, inventory, and shipment data across systems.

Knowledge management

SWIRL improves knowledge sharing and collaboration between employees by making it easier to find and share information.

Information Retrieval

SWIRL makes it easy to find and access information spread across different systems and databases in an organization. This saves time and reduces frustration for employees trying to locate specific data or documents.


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