SWIRL product releases. Know the new features, connectors and fixes
in SWIRL AI Connect


SWIRL v3.2.0 Released

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This release includes the first version of the AutomaticPayloadMapperResultProcessor, RequireQueryStringInTitleResultProcessor, DropIrrelevantPostResultProcessor and NoModQueryProcessor, along with new SearchProviders for OpenSanctions.org and LittleSis.org. We've also added support for running OpenAI in Azure, storing query templates in JSON, plus updated Python, Django, and OpenAI API versions, and resolved issues found in previous releases. Finally, the Galaxy UI has been updated to ⭐ results above a particular relevancy score.


SWIRL v3.1.0 Released

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Swirl 3.1.0 includes new Connectors to MongoDB Atlas, Snowflake and Oracle, updates to Python and OpenAI API versions, and resolves numerous issues with previous versions.