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Empowering Data and AI: Partnering to Unlock Your Customer Success

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Powering AI Excellence Together

We are your partner in growth

SWIRL AI Connect fosters a partner ecosystem dedicated to building world-class AI infrastructure software solutions. We work closely with our partners to develop seamless integrations, deliver custom solutions, and ensure your AI infrastructure supports cutting-edge innovation.

Our partners offer expertise in data management, cloud computing, and AI model optimization, empowering you to scale your AI capabilities with confidence.

SWIRL Partners With:


SWIRL partners with AWS to deploy AI infrastructure software solutions. Connect with your Enterprise Applications and get your company AI Ready.


SWIRL partners with KMW Technology is a professional services firm specializing in cutting-edge open-source Search and AI technologies, offering consulting, design, implementation, and support.


SWIRL partners with MC+A is a Chicago-based global team of search experts, specializing in creating intelligent experiences through search technology and AI operations.


SWIRL partners with the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program to transform organizations to the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge..

OpenSource Connections

SWIRL partners with OpenSource Connections to help organizations that recognize search and discovery is the key to delivering value.

Zebra Technologies

SWIRL partners with Zebra Technologies to provide access and deliver information in support of the intelligent edge.

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