Swirl Announces Private Cloud Retrieval Augmented Generation

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Swirl Announces Private Cloud Retrieval Augmented Generation

AI-powered enterprise search for secure private cloud retrieval augmented generation!

Certified to run in your Azure private cloud, Swirl AI-powered federated metasearch enables enterprise users to rapidly locate, retrieve, and act on enterprise data, applications, and insights through an intuitive search interface. As the leading provider of search-enabled solutions for safe deployment in your Azure private cloud environment, Swirl quickly and easily combines internal and external repositories for applications like Retrieval Augmented Generation.

Upon clicking the “Get It Now” button, the Swirl Metasearch platform and available connectors will unify data across segmented or dispersed data systems to enable users to search their enterprise repositories securely without switching between multiple systems looking for the right information. Swirl moves the question to the source, adapts the query to understand the true intent, and returns the most relevant and accurate response.

Swirl enables personalized enterprise real-time generative AI by securely searching seamlessly across various information sources without moving data. Relevant results can be evaluated before prompting with your own Generative AI (hot swappable LLM), including Azure OpenAI. Relevant results prompt your Generative AI to deliver secure, verifiable responses tailored to the user’s query.

Swirl is unique in 3 ways:

  1. Secure. Deploy Swirl in your Azure environment to securely manage access and how AI is used within your business.
  2. Simple. Users understand how to use search to find information, it is also very effective for collecting content to inform AI solutions about your business.
  3. Speedy. Deploy Retrieval Augmented Generation without creating vector databases and other costly infrastructure services.

Getting Started You can deploy Swirl in your Azure environment using the “Get It Now” button. Installation instructions can be found in our documentation. To subscribe, you need to be a billing or subscription administrator. You can check your status and identify the account administrator via the Azure portal. Your Swirl purchase will be included in your monthly Azure billing statement. To get started, Swirl includes five Google Programmable Search Engines (PSEs) and immediate access for users to securely search their own Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.

With a wide array of connectors available, you can search your enterprise data without moving any data.