AI Increases Motivation—If It Eliminates the Right Tasks

Stephen R. Balzac -
AI Increases Motivation—If It Eliminates the Right Tasks

People like using their skills to get work done. What they don’t like is spending hours on tasks that are frustrating, boring, and repetitive.

Activities that decrease motivation are considerably more powerful than activities that increase motivation. Having too many of the wrong activities in the workplace will block positive motivation, reduce productivity, and increase turnover. Frustrating tasks, particularly those frustrating tasks that seem endless or never get easier over time, are damaging to maintaining a motivated workforce. Motivation drops rapidly if employees spend over 10% of their time on unpleasant tasks, and turnover increases. By contrast, employees need to spend at least 25% of their time on enjoyable and fulfilling tasks to improve morale and motivation. Because unpleasant tasks are so damaging, reducing the time spent on them yields a massive return.

As an article in Harvard Business Review points out, AI can help. Although the article covers many good points about increasing acceptance of AI and how AI can help improve motivation, it misses a key problem.

Finding relevant data—for analysis, reports, decision-making, or other uses—is particularly unpleasant. Employees can easily spend 1-2 hours daily—or more—finding, sorting through, and understanding data. Much of that time is spent hunting for the right information and discarding irrelevant information. The more time employees spend on their data scavenger hunt, the less time and energy they have to analyze and use data—but data analysis and use are the tasks that matter.

AI is particularly good at reducing the time spent finding and understanding data. Assuming, of course, that what the AI returns can be trusted—if employees need to spend their time verifying what the AI returns or laboriously constructing queries that will minimize erroneous answers, then the AI is merely replacing one unpleasant task with another. Moreover, the new unpleasant task is likely to be one that most people are less familiar with, less comfortable with, and less skilled at.

In other words, AI can easily make motivation worse.

Fortunately, there is a way to harness AI’s power to reduce unpleasant tasks and build motivation simultaneously.

Have a Conversation with Your Data

SWIRL AI Connect lets you converse with your data. SWIRL does the heavy lifting of query optimization, search, and relevancy determination so you don’t have to, and it lets you dynamically refine your search until you have the data you need when you need it. SWIRL reduces the time it takes to make AI useful.

SWIRL AI Connect increases the accuracy of AI results through its innovative combination of AI, metasearch, and vectorless RAG capabilities. SWIRL dramatically shortens the amount of time it takes to find relevant data, reducing the amount of time employees spend on frustrating, unpleasant work, and increasing the amount of time they spend on work that is enjoyable and fulfilling.

SWIRL will automatically search all the data repositories that you have access to. Employees no longer need to keep track of which data sources to search; SWIRL will do that for you.

SWIRL is format agnostic and is capable of reading both structured and unstructured data—including useful data in email, team collaboration apps, office documents, and more. SWIRL doesn’t need the data to be in a vector database to use RAG, accelerating data access, increasing the amount of data SWIRL can search, and significantly improving the relevancy of the results compared to other systems.

SWIRL AI Connect supports multiple LLMs and AI systems, so you can use any AI your company approves.

SWIRL brings AI to the data so the data can remain where it is. No need for laborious and time-consuming ETL processes to move data around before it can be used—SWIRL queries data where it sits.

SWIRL integrates with existing security protocols and your data stays safely inside your firewall.

Using SWIRL is as easy as asking questions and having a conversation. SWIRL doesn’t require a complex install or weeks of classes before employees can benefit from it.

Less Negative, More Positive

Keeping a motivated and engaged workforce means reducing the time spent on unpleasant tasks and increasing the time spent on fulfilling, enjoyable work. SWIRL AI Connect removes many of the major obstacles to the productive use of AI and increases the accuracy and usefulness of AI output. With SWIRL, you can reduce the time your employees spend on unpleasant work and enable them to focus on the parts of their jobs that truly matter.

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