And if you like to talk for hours, go ahead now.

Sid Probstein -
And if you like to talk for hours, go ahead now.

As the expression goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is often multiplied when demonstrating software solutions. While I was at the Enterprise Search & Discovery show, I found how Swirl uses Swirl at work incredibly compelling. When responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP), a typical question is, “How much Cyber insurance coverage does Swirl have?”  

I typed this into Swirl. 

The response is correct; Swirl does have $1m worth of coverage. (I checked the source documents, which were, of course, also returned by Swirl.) 

Another example of Swirl using Swirl was related to supporting Human Resource functions. Employees are expected to ask questions like “When does the new health plan kick in?”  

Again, I typed this into Swirl. 

The response is, again, correct. The new coverage started November 1st.  

In both cases, the citations – the actual documents used by the AI to generate those responses – are also provided. I clicked the first link to verify the coverage date. It was correct. 

Swirl helped me answer these essential questions in seconds, in a way I could trust. Thus, I can now return to my other conversations. 

You can get Swirl working via Docker with just two commands. Just go ahead and search. 🔍