Contribute to Swirl this Hacktoberfest 2023

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Contribute to Swirl this Hacktoberfest 2023
Contribute to Swirl this Hacktoberfest 2023.

We are happy to take part in Hacktoberfest’23.

This year’s Hacktoberfest is going to be Swirl’s first Hacktoberfest. And the team is excited about it.

What is in it for you?

You get to contribute to Swirl. And as per Hacktoberfest’s Rules. If Swirl accepts your four pull requests between October 1 and October 31, you will win a swag from Swirl. We also value non-code contributions for beginners as well. Please check the guidelines for contributing and adhere to our contributing guidelines.

These are the areas you can contribute to:

Add in a connector or search provider to Swirl.
Connect the below services to Swirl:
1. Algolia
2. Discord
3. Asana
4. Trello

Create an example/demo app with Swirl and publish a blog.

Create a tutorial about Swirl.

Your creative idea.

Start here:

1. Check the docs to get started with Swirl.
2. Run it locally and try a search by going to http://localhost:8000/galaxy/
a. If you’re facing any issues. Please create an issue here on GitHub.
3. Join the Swirl Community Slack and ask the team about a particular issue. Which do you want to fix or contribute to?
4. Start coding and create a PR. The team will review it.
a. Check the contributing guidelines on when and where to create a PR.

Please get in touch with the team on Slack for any doubts you have. We are more than happy to guide you through this process.


These are the Swags based on contribution tier. We’re offering Gift Cards (Amazon, Xbox, etc.) of your choice.

– $100 for connectors
– $50 for an Example/Demo with a published article.
– $25 for a Tutorial


We expect the contributions to be of high quality. The Swirl team and community are here to help you contribute, guide, and improve the quality of your contributions. But at the same time, we don’t expect people to copy other’s contributions. Using AI Code generator tools without your input to create contributions or content around Swirl is not encouraged. If found using such tools, it will not count towards any Swag.

Regarding examples, demos, tutorials and articles. We’re expecting them to be of high quality, original and helpful. Using generative AI tools without your input, copy-pasting, and copying other people’s content are not encouraged and will not count towards any Swag.

Tutorials must guide users in an interactive text or video format and should result in the creation of something useful and productive with Swirl. For example, A tutorial on how to add your data source to Swirl, create or integrate Swirl with any other interesting open-source project, etc.

Thanks for reading, and we are looking forward to your contributions. Give Swirl a star ⭐ on GitHub.