How Swirl Nails Enterprise Search

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How Swirl Nails Enterprise Search

Enterprises are large companies. The difference between your average startup and an enterprise is the scale of people, processing, and data involved. With the growing data comes the challenge of managing and finding information within these large enterprises. And this is where things go awry.

Enterprise Data and Creation of Siloes

Usually, when we need to find information, it’s probably spread across different sources, files, layers, and computers. From physical notes to digital databases, the information in an enterprise is often scattered and varied. This complexity is compounded by the sheer volume and diversity of the data generated and stored by large organizations. Information may be stored in multiple formats – from traditional paper files and reports to digital files, emails, and database records.

Finding specific information in this vast and varied data landscape can be daunting. Employees may spend significant time searching for the data they need, leading to inefficiencies and frustrations. The situation becomes even more challenging when the information sought is cross-referential or dependent on data from different departments or systems.

Moreover, as enterprises grow, so does the challenge of maintaining the accuracy and consistency of information. Data silos where different departments or units within an organization use separate systems to store their data, often without proper integration or compatibility – exacerbate this problem. This lack of integration can lead to duplicating or outdated information, further complicating the search process.

Swirl Nails The Enterprise Search

In addition, there’s an aspect of data security and compliance. With regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and others, enterprises are under increasing pressure to manage their data responsibly. Finding the right balance between accessibility and security is crucial.

Need for Effective Enterprise Search Tool

Employees need to access relevant data quickly and easily, but this access must be controlled and monitored to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

This is where an effective enterprise search system becomes indispensable. It is not just about having a search function but an intelligent, integrated system that can access and retrieve information from various sources while ensuring data security and compliance.

An effective enterprise search tool empowers employees to find the information they need quickly, accurately, and securely, leading to more informed decision-making, increased productivity, and a more agile enterprise.

Swirl Nails Enterprise Search

This is where Swirl Enterprise Search can help you find all the answers in a single place. Swirl breaks the siloes for you, bringing all of the searches to a single place—a single search bar to search all of your data.

One of the critical features of Swirl is its ability to perform simultaneous searches across multiple enterprise applications. Data can stay in its original location, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming data copying and indexing processes typically associated with traditional enterprise search engines.

Instead, Swirl relies on each source’s search engine to access the data, making it ideal for delivering results across different data silos with minimal effort. This approach is also beneficial for integrating unstructured data, which is crucial for content curation, data science, and machine learning applications.

Swirl Brings Generative AI to Your Enterprise

Swirl supports Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), a framework that combines pre-trained language models with external information retrieval systems. This approach allows Swirl to generate more informed and contextually relevant outputs by retrieving relevant documents based on the input query and using these documents as additional context when prompting generative AI.

Try Swirl Enterprise Search in Azure

Swirl is now available as an easy-to-install instance in Azure. To explore Swirl Enterprise Search in Azure and learn how it can transform your enterprise search capabilities, visit the Azure Marketplace. Please check the link here: Swirl in Azure to learn more.