Introducing: Swirl Metasearch 2.0

Sid Probstein -
Introducing: Swirl Metasearch 2.0

We are delighted to announce the general availability of Swirl Metasearch 2.0!

This major leap forward in functionality makes it easier than ever to solve cross-silo Enterprise Search problems quickly and securely — without extracting or moving any data.

Swirl Metasearch 2.0 features enterprise-grade OAUTH2 support plus pre-configured connectors to Microsoft 365 Outlook, OneDrive, Teams and Sharepoint.

Using the updated Spyglass UI, knowledge workers can systematically review the best results from their enterprise services, including internal indexes like:

  • Elastic
  • Solr
  • OpenSearch
  • Databases like PostgreSQL and Google BigQuery
  • Plus online services like NLResearch, and more.
Swirl Metasearch 2.0 Search Results Screenshot

Swirl Metasearch 2.0 also includes:

  • Full support for ChatGPT – including prompted generation of commentary or question answering; an optional query rewriting stage that can use ChatGPT to automatically expand, refine or rewrite queries
  • New QueryTransform object allows no-code rewriting of user queries based on rules; Swirl also ‘listens’ to query rewrites from sources, including the open-source standard querqy project
  • Boosting of body matches for SearchProviders configured with the FILE_SYSTEM setting – like Microsoft OneDrive
  • Support for separating sources into named JSON result blocks, for easy integration with existing user interfaces
  • Support for URL-encoding responses from sources via a configuration option

For more details, download & consult the Swirl Metasearch 2.0 Data Sheet.

Search Developers, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists can try Swirl 2.0 in five minutes using Docker or by downloading it from the GitHub repository.

Developer support is available through the Swirl Metasearch Slack channel, here.

Anyone interested in contributing, obtaining support, consulting or Swirl-as-a-service should kindly contact