Swirl 3.0 and Upcoming Webinar

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Swirl 3.0 and Upcoming Webinar

We are thrilled to announce the release of Swirl version 3.0 .

This latest iteration has enhanced features like:

  • Real Time Retrieval Augemented Generation
  • Improved Galaxy User Interface
  • New Search Providers

Join our Swirl 3.0 Webinar

Join our Webinar on Monday 30th, October (10/30) at 10:30 AM (Eastern Standard Time) to take a firsthand look at Swirl 3.0’s upcoming features.

🔗 Link to Register for the Webinar: Join Here. or Click 👇

Explore our Repository on GitHub: https://github.com/swirlai/swirl-search.

Join in our community Slack: Join Swirl Community.