Swirl Releases Version 3.0

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Swirl Releases Version 3.0

On Monday 30th, October, at 10:30 AM, Swirl Team released its version 3.0.

Swirl 3.0 offers a seamless and cost-effective AI deployment, eliminating the necessity to pre-index every data piece for query responses, in today’s rapidly evolving market landscape, where new players emerge almost momentarily, leveraging AI’s potential efficiently and safely is paramount. Swirl is crafted to harness the extensive indexing technology embedded within enterprises.

The Evolution of Swirl.

Our fascination with search and its potential applications has been long-standing. With the shift of enterprise workloads to the cloud, the emergence of public APIs, and a standards-based approach for authentication, the power of federated search became evident.

Swirl’s first version simplified the connection to a search API, adapting queries for each source and utilizing large language models primarily for ranking. Feedback from our version one users was invaluable.

Swirl 2.0 introduced subscription mode, out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Office 365, and the Galaxy search UI. With Swirl 3.0, we’ve further refined our offerings based on your feedback.

Features like the result shopping cart, the new result fetcher, and integration with generative AI platforms like ChatGPT are now available. This version emphasizes retrieval augmented generation (RAG), allowing you to select specific search results, fetch relevant documents, and generate AI-driven summaries.

Swirl Community Edition: What’s New in 3.0

Swirl’s freely available open-source edition adds new capabilities in 3.0, continually being tested and refined. Key features include:

  • The retrieval augmented generation workflow.
  • The updated Galaxy UI.
  • The new page fetcher component.

While RAG with public data has challenges, sources you control, like an Elastic Search, Apache Solr, or Open Search Index, can produce remarkable AI insights. We’ve also integrated new search providers, and with the latest version of Swirl 3.0, there’s a new WebSocket API for live interactions. Check the docs to know more.

Swirl Enterprise Edition: Stepping Up Your Game

Built on top of the Swirl Community, the Swirl Enterprise offers features like:

  • Authenticating Page Fetcher​
  • Prompt support for Email & Calendar entries​
  • Document Extraction based on Tika supports 15k formats.​
  • Chunk Finder locates relevant windows of text vs query.​
  • Prompt intelligence for disambiguation, citations, and anti-hallucination​
  • ​Azure container, AKA Kubernetes​, Elastic scaling ​, and OpenID Connect w/Provisioning​
  • Microsoft Power Automate​, Self-service via MS AppSource​ , and Adaptive Cards display in Galaxy​ UI.
  • LiteLLM support for all significant Generative AI providers​

Transform the way you do business with Swirl Enterprise. Our platform allows you to seamlessly integrate expansive language models, providing unparalleled versatility and power. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to unlimited potential!

Step into the Future with Swirl

Interested in Swirl’s capabilities? Dive deeper by visiting the Swirl website and checking our GitHub. For business inquiries or additional information, please contact us at: support@swirl.today. We’re here to assist and collaborate.