Swirl support for US Government Agencies 

Sid Probstein -
Swirl support for US Government Agencies 

US Government Agencies can evaluate and deploy Swirl today without cost by utilizing Swirl’s Open Source License and the Federal CIO Open-Source Policy as implemented in agency Open Source policies (see page 20 of the CIO Handbook Rules and Responsibilities). 

Swirl addresses a pressing problem faced by government employees—the proliferation of government information systems that must be searched for completing even simple tasks. To find relevant data and documents for a given task, a government knowledge worker might need to search their email, a file storage system such as SharePoint or Google Drive, the agency’s website, their agency’s intranet, and any number of bespoke systems developed within the agency itself. 

Swirl has existing adapters for searching through many commercially available online services, including Microsoft 365 Government, Google Workspace for Government, Atlassian Jira, Service Now, BMC Remedy, GitHub, and others.  Searches are performed using the end-user’s credentials, so Swirl will never show workers information that they are not authorized to see. 

New adapters for internal agency systems can be easily credited, tested, and validated — typically in less than a day by a single developer. 

Swirl can be readily deployed into FedRAMP environments such as Azure for Government, Amazon GovCloud, Google Cloud, or GSA’s cloud.gov service. Deployments can be on shared servers running Windows or Linux, or purpose-built servers to assure process isolation. 

Swirl is a Python application running on top of the Django web application stack, which is widely used by US Government agencies. Swirl can use an embedded database for data storage or an agency’s existing data warehouse. 

Swirl offers a comprehensive solution to the challenge of navigating multiple government information systems. With its adaptability, security, and ease of deployment, it streamlines the search process for government knowledge workers. If you’re interested in exploring how Swirl can enhance your agency’s efficiency and productivity, please visit the GitHub repository, or contact us at hello@swirl.today