Swirl Version 3.1.0 Released

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Swirl Version 3.1.0 Released

Swirl 3.1.0, the latest update to the open-source search enterprise search platform, brings several exciting features:

  • New Connectors: Integration with MongoDB Atlas, Snowflake, and Oracle.
  • New SearchProviders: Asana, Trello, Internet Archive Library.
  • Updated Versions: Enhancements in Python and OpenAI API versions for better compatibility and performance.

Finding your tasks in Trello is a breeze with Swirl.

The Swirl 3.1.0 update introduces several key enhancements:

  • Enhanced SearchProviders: Integration with popular platforms like Atlassian Trello, Asana, and the Internet Archive Library, expanding the search capabilities across diverse digital environments.
  • Refined Performance: The update addresses various issues identified in previous versions, ensuring a smoother user experience.

This latest release brings significant enhancements and issue resolutions, streamlining user experience and technical robustness:


  • Simplified access to Swirl RAG through a single API call.
  • Upgraded to the latest OpenAI Python API and Django packages.
  • Compatibility with Python 3.11.6 and upcoming support for Python 3.12.0.
  • Updated ServiceNow Knowledge SearchProvider for the “Vancouver” release.
  • Frozen pip requirements on the main branch, addressing specific issues.
  • New default configurations for Google PSE SearchProviders in various domains.
  • Enhanced RAG processing with default timeout configurations.
  • Updated OpenAPI specification, including a new Postman collection and swagger.json.
  • Highlighted matching query terms in AI Response results.

Find your tasks with Swirl and get into action.

Resolved Issues:

  • Improved back button behavior with RAG processing.
  • Fixed version checker and RequestsPost search issues.
  • Enhanced Galaxy UI for handling empty results and displaying ChatGPT SearchProvider results.
  • Adjusted “Generate AI Response” functionality in the Galaxy UI.
  • Addressed a regression with search re-run functionality in the Galaxy UI.

For more details, visit the Swirl 3.1.0 release notes on GitHub. And join our Swirl Community Slack.