Swirl Welcomes New Board of Advisors

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Swirl Welcomes New Board of Advisors

Swirl, the innovative software solution provider that enables personalized real-time Generative AI at enterprise scale, is thrilled to announce the addition of five distinguished professionals to its Board of Advisors. Deborah Simonds, Jeff Fried, Prat Moghe, Sangita Skipitaris, and Simson Garfinkel bring a wealth of experience and expertise that will undoubtedly propel Swirl to new heights.

Deborah Simonds

Partner at the Career Group is a seasoned professional who supports companies in strengthening their market position. Her strategic approach has been instrumental in driving business growth and market expansion. Her insights will be invaluable in helping Swirl attract and keep top talent.

Jeff Fried

Director of Product Management for InterSystems, is a strategic leader whose ability in strategy development and product creation has been instrumental in driving transformation and growth. His experience in product management will guide Swirl in delivering a user-centric product that meets the needs of today’s enterprises.

Prat Moghe

Prat Moghe, CEO of TripleBlind, a leading AI Privacy platform, has a proven track record of scaling data analytics category leaders like Netezza and Cloudera. His expertise in enterprise data and AI will be instrumental in enhancing Swirl’s Generative AI capabilities.

Sangita Skipitaris

Currently with MathWorks and former Director at Microsoft, brings her extensive knowledge in customer success engineering. Her customer-centric approach will ensure that Swirl’s solution not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

Simson Garfinkel

Is the Chief Scientist of BasisTech, and former Senior Data Scientist at the Department of Homeland Security, brings his ability in computer security, privacy, and information technology. His guidance in computer security and digital forensics will ensure Swirl’s solution can access information safely and securely.

Swirl’s software solution allows users to search seamlessly across various information sources, including those protected by corporate firewalls without moving data. The relevant results prompt Generative AI to deliver responses that are secure, verifiable, and tailored to the user’s context.

With these five industry leaders joining the Board of Advisors, Swirl is poised to revolutionize how enterprises use Generative AI. Their collective experience will undoubtedly support Swirl’s mission to deliver personalized real-time Generative AI at an enterprise scale.