Video – Swirl SearchProviders Deep Dive

Sid Probstein -
Video – Swirl SearchProviders Deep Dive

One of the most important elements of Swirl Metasearch is the SearchProvider. In this video, Erik Spears and Sid Probstein from Swirl take a good look at SearchProviders.

Swirl SearchProviders & Connectors
A SearchProvider configures a Swirl Connector to integrate with some searchable endpoint.

Some of the details covered in the video include:

  • Query and result mapping configuration
  • How you can use JSONPath to normalize responses from enterprise sources to the Swirl schema
  • Configuring source capabilities like NOT

SearchProviders also contain:

  • Configuration information such as the URL of the endpoint
  • The protocol or connector to use with this source
  • Parameter mappings for query features like date sorting
  • Tags and other information that make the provider more useful

Although SearchProviders are stored in the Swirl configuration database, they can be viewed and edited as JSON records.

Here’s an example of one for a Google Programmable Search Engine:

The API endpoint for managing SearchProviders is /swirl/searchproviders. New ones can be created with PUT.

For more information, check out the Swirl User Guide. 

Search Developers, Data Engineers & Data Scientists can try Swirl 2.0 in five minutes using Docker or download from the GitHub repo

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