Why Metasearch Matters to Today’s Enterprise

Sid Probstein -
Why Metasearch Matters to Today’s Enterprise

Curious about Metasearch and why your company should be using it to solve cross silo search problems? In this video Sid Probstein, creator of Swirl Metasearch, explains why it represents a game changer for the enterprise! 

In this video, Sid addresses a number of modern information challenges – from information overload and having too many tabs open, to the reality that we still spend more time searching than analyzing. Plus, he mentions some new challenges like linking internal data to sales opportunities, automating research, and building the “ChatGPT” of your business! 

Some of the main questions answered include: 

  • =Why are there so many new search companies?
  • =Why finding the information we need to do our jobs is still so hard to find
  • =How the cloud makes silo creation easy, and thus blocks findability
  • =How critical enterprise platforms can’t be copied and (re)indexed
  • =How the silo-ing of data makes the promise of AI hard to realize in the enterprise
  • =How metasearch delivers solutions without extracting, moving and re-permissioning any data

Looking for more information on how Swirl works? Check out the Swirl User Guide.

Search Developers, Data Engineers & Data Scientists can try Swirl 2.0 in five minutes using Docker or download from the GitHub repo.

Anyone interested in contributing, obtaining support, consulting or hosted solutions should kindly contact hello@swirl.today.