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Harness the power of artificial intelligence to streamline your workflows, boost efficiency, and focus on what truly matters. SWIRL Co-Pilot transforms the way you work with intelligent automation tailored to your needs.


Unlock the Full Potential of Your Workflow with SWIRL AI Co-Pilot

Data-Driven Insights for Informed Choices

SWIRL Co-Pilot provides real-time data analysis, enabling users to make well-informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information. Predictive analytics help anticipate trends and plan strategically.

Unlocking the Power of SWIRL Co-Pilot

Introducing SWIRL Co-Pilot, an intelligent assistant designed to revolutionize your data interaction and streamline workflows. Seamlessly integrated with SWIRL AI Connect, SWIRL Co-Pilot enhances productivity, ensures data security, and provides comprehensive access to information.

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Keep Data Secure and In-Place

SWIRL Co-Pilot operates directly on your local data without the need for ETL processes, re-indexing, or data movement. This enhances data security by allowing your data to remain securely within your firewall.

Instant AI Integration

Deploy AI solutions quickly with SWIRL Co-Pilot. Its built-in security controls and compliance features ensure that your data remains secure while you rapidly integrate AI into your workflows.

Actionable Insights with Predictive Analytics

Leverage advanced AI to provide real-time data analysis and predictive insights. SWIRL Co-Pilot helps you make smarter, data-driven decisions, improving strategic planning and operational efficiency.

Boost Productivity with Automation

Automate routine tasks and streamline workflows with SWIRL Co-Pilot. Its seamless integration with existing tools ensures minimal disruption and maximum efficiency, allowing your team to focus on more critical activities.

Comprehensive and Secure Data Access

SWIRL Co-Pilot offers a powerful integrated search solution that enables users to query across all enterprise data sources. This scalable platform enhances productivity by making data more accessible and actionable without compromising security.

Advanced AI for Accurate Results

Perform Retrieval-Augmented Generation directly on your data, eliminating the need for additional tools like vector databases. This ensures you get precise, contextually relevant insights tailored to your specific needs.


Does SWIRL Co-Pilot stores data?

No, SWIRL Co-Pilot or any SWIRL Product runs in your private cloud. It doesn't stores any data on the server.

Can SWIRL Co-Pilot run on my Private Cloud?

Yes, SWIRL Co-Pilot can run on your private cloud. And it operates within your firewall.

Is there a free demo?

Yes, we offer a free 30 day demo. You can request for a free demo and try out.

Does SWIRL Co-Pilot require its own security protocol?

No, SWIRL integrates with existing security protocols.

How many apps do you support?

SWIRL supports 100+ apps and we are adding more apps every month. You can check it out here.

Do I have to upload data to SWIRL's servers to use SWIRL Co-Pilot?

No, SWIRL uses Federated Search and Unified Search to fetch data without any ETL process. You don't need to upload data or use a vector database to take advantage of SWIRL.

Does my data need to be in a specific format?

No, SWIRL is data format agnostic. SWIRL AI Co-Pilot reads most data types and can connect to 100+ apps (and counting).

Is SWIRL Co-Pilot easy to install?

Yes. Installation is simple and quick.


Get started with SWIRL Co-Pilot

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